Some Fun Facts About Emperor Penguins <3

Here are some really good fact about the life of an emperor penguin. You have to admire the length they have to go to just to survive such torrid conditions at times.

Emperor penguins raise their young on fast ice, which is a platform of ice that is connected to land and doesn't move with the current.

There are 18 species of penguins known and the Emperor penguins are the biggest of them all. At around 120cm tall and weighing 40kg. However 37 million years ago, there was such a thing as a MEGA penguin. At around 2 metres tall, which is 6 foot 5 that would make most average men look small. 

The Antarctic is home to around 595,000 emperor penguins 

in 2012, a survey by British scientists discovered a number of uninvited colonies. They did this by poo stains left on the ice around breeding grounds. The report estimates around 54 colonies in the Antarctic after they counted every penguin. 

Females normally lay their eggs around May or June. At which point the egg will be passed to the male to balance the egg off the snow for 65 to 75 days, while the female is at sea for 9 weeks feeding.

They have to survive freezing temperatures as low as -50C. So, as well as the 2 layers of feathers they have feathers covering their legs to keep their ankles warm. Even their feet are adapted to the icy conditions, containing special fats that prevent them from freezing and strong claws for gripping the ice.

Emperor penguins are the Olympic divers of the bird world. The deepest recorded dive was 564 metres – that’s the equivalent of nearly double the height of the Shard, Europe’s tallest building. And the longest recorded dive was nearly 28 minutes.

They eat about 2-3KG a day of Silverfish mainly but they do splash on on krill and squid from time to time. But they can eat twice that amount when storing it for the winter or their babies.

The male penguin will not eat from the point of mating up until the egg hatches, which is normally around 4 months. They rely solely on their fat reserve as they lose almost half their body weight.